LCD Flat Panel Rentals Boise - Idaho LED TV Rentals

Call us for LCD Flat Panel TV Rentals, or LED TV Rentals, Up To 70"

Flat Panel Stand We rent 20, 32, 40, 55 and 70 inch LCD flat panel TVs or LED monitors; we also rent stands that will elevate the TV up to 8ft. Flat panel TVs work great for, trade shows, to capture and hold customers attention, or in a crowd when everyone is standing, everyone even in the back of the room can see a Flat screen TV on an 8ft stand.

Sleeping During Meeting Using a projector and screen might require turning down the lights to have a bright clear image on a projector screen, this can put the audience a sleep, (some with their eyes open). With flat screen TVs you can keep the lights on, so everyone will stay awake, even after lunch or when the morning coffee wears off.

Our LCD screens are FULL HD so the clarity of the smallest details is possible. Our flat panel TV can be connected to any HD video source, i.e., computers, PC or Mac, Blu-ray players, satellite, or any cable box. We will help you with complete set-up. Our price include delivery set-up, connecting to your video source and pick-up. For a big splash, rent two or more LCD flat panel TVs, for double the impact.

For trade show displays; power packed presentations; or having friends over to watch "The Game" on the patio, rent one two or more or more LED flat panels with or without stands. Man Between Two Screens